Netblock / Bulk Upload

To upload bulk addresses, use the form below. The input format is as follows
... one entry per line in the uploaded text file. Each entry to start at column 0 and to have no spaces in the line unless the city-name requires it.

The State is only currently supported for the USA (not Canada). If you are outside this area, then simply leave it blank - that is, your line will then look like the second form above.

The base-ip should be the lowest IP address (in dotted-quad form, eg: for the netblock defined by that line in the file you are uploading.

The netblock size defines the range of IP-space to classify for each line. It should be an integer between 9 and 24 (at the moment the smallest resolution is a /24, or class-C network and I simply won't believe you if you tell me you've located a /8 to a city :-).

The countrycode is a two-letter identifier for the country, the list of which are available here. Similarly, states are defined by two-character codes, the list of which is available here.

The city name is a text string, which must match up within the database for registration to take place. There is a map-based nameserver which you can use to verify that a given city is in the DB. Please let me know if you find a city that's not already in the DB.

As an example, the reference for this webserver would be,24,UK,,London

Once you have assembled your data into a text file, upload it here

Send this file: